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Industry Change Led By Two-dimensional Code Jan 24, 2018

In recent years, the traditional publishing industry has been suffering from the rapid development of digital publishing industry impact, for a long time, the relationship between the two is almost opposite. However, the application of two-dimensional code in books makes the traditional publication and digital publication "Turn Enemies into friends", thus giving birth to a new concept-"fusion publishing".

And the ordinary version of the two-dimensional code is different, encrypted version of the book two-dimensional code in the optimization of the appearance of the foundation, but also will join the online book, scan the code directly watching video and other functions, in enhancing the user experience of the same time, further enrich the function of two-dimensional code.

Speaking of the cost of two-dimensional code technology, in fact, to generate a two-dimensional code is not a cost, because there are many free two-dimensional code generation software for users and enterprises to generate, so it has no cost itself.

The cost that is commonly mentioned in the industry refers to the matching cost that the two-dimensional code produces in the actual application. Take the cinema, with two-dimensional code ticketing will be equipped with a two-dimensional code to check the terminal, the equipment market price is about 2500 yuan, there is two-dimensional code electronic ticket sent to the user's mobile phone message costs, this cost in a few cents. In addition, also need a set of application software system, to support the operation of two-dimensional code electronic ticket project, this cost, according to the application of different functions resulting from the development costs and system requirements of the server, bandwidth and other costs.

Two-dimensional code as an electronic voucher can be sent in the form of SMS, free of time and space limitations, no need to generate express logistics costs; In addition, two-dimensional code encryption is more secure, information capacity than ordinary one-dimensional bar code information storage volume.