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Difference Between Barcode Detector And Barcode Scanning Module Jan 24, 2018

The barcode detector is a precise measuring device, it can measure the symbol reliably, and can analyze the reading performance of the symbol according to the measurement result in a certain condition range. Before use, the barcode tester needs to be calibrated to ensure the repeatability of the measurement results.

Barcode Scanning Identification Module module is the front end of bar code reader, bar code reader contains barcode scanning module module and decoding device, and the name of the scanner, usually refers to the entire instrument, and the same bar code reader.

Barcode Scanner Identification module is different from the bar code detector, it contains only scanning device and signal decoding device, no bar code detector has the barcode signal quality analysis and evaluation capabilities.

Although through the Barcode Scanning module module can observe the barcode symbol can read, but only one or several bar code reader is not able to fully judge the reading performance of barcode symbols, this is because, each barcode scanning module modules performance is different, bar code reader's optical structure, scanning mode, Electronic signal processing is different, which inevitably leads to the performance of Barcode scanning module modules. Therefore, the use of limited barcode scanning module modules can not accurately determine the quality of barcode symbols.