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Development Status Of Main Application Fields Of Bar Code Reading Equipment In China Jan 24, 2018

Retail, logistics, product traceability, medical health, E-commerce and industrial manufacturing, such as barcode technology development and application of the downstream application of the depth of the bar code to identify the development of the industry is an important factor. In recent years, under the State Council "Internet +" strategy, "O2O", IoT and other fields have been greatly developed, and further promote the development of barcode recognition industry. The development of the main application fields of barcode reading equipment in China are as follows:

(1) Retail, logistics, warehousing and other fields
Bar code reading equipment is a retail, logistics, warehousing market, the main information collection equipment, is widely used in material storage, transportation, distribution, sales, delivery and other links. In recent years, with the rise of China's per capita national income and online shopping, China's retail market and the mutual adaptation of logistics, warehousing services industry has been greatly developed. 2014, China's social consumer goods retail total of 26.2394 trillion yuan, the 2013 growth of 12%, of which the total online retail sales reached 2.7898 trillion yuan, an increase of 49.7%. 2014, China's total logistics reached 213.53 trillion, an increase of 7.9%. And the rapid growth of retail, logistics and storage industry is inseparable from advanced information management support. Therefore, the growth of these vertical supply chains will further drive the information construction input including bar code reading equipment. It is expected that in the future, China's retail, logistics, warehousing field of bar code reading equipment needs will continue to maintain a steady growth.

(2) Product traceability field
Product traceability is in the product production and sales process, the record of each link, and the corresponding information summarized, through the bar code and other technologies in the product to make the corresponding quality status identification, production managers or consumers can directly query the product production, circulation, storage records.

(3) Industrial manufacturing field
The basis of industrial intelligent production mode is the automation and intellectualization of production equipment. and the barcode recognition technology and the machine vision based on it is the modern industrial equipment realizes the detection, one of the main paths of perception, communication and response, in the automation production of material allocation management, parts identification and sorting, dynamic production control, product detection and tracking need to apply to barcode recognition technology, and machine vision system is to reduce human error , improve the flexibility and automation of production lines is an important way. Therefore, in the field of industrial automation production, bar code reading equipment has great market potential.
In recent years, China's industrial automation, intelligent equipment investment growth, according to the International Federation of Robots Statistics show that China has become the world's largest industrial robot market, China is expected to install the number of industrial robots in 2016 will be the world's first. With the implementation of the "China Manufacturing 2025" strategy, China's industrial manufacturing sector will usher in a new round of production equipment automation, intelligent upgrading process, led to include bar code reading equipment, including all kinds of intelligent production equipment investment.

(4) Medical and health field
According to the forecast of VDC, the medical health field will become the fastest growing application field of handheld barcode reading equipment in the future. As far as China is concerned, it mainly originates from the popularization of medical Mobile information solutions. The medical Mobile Information solution takes the data exchange and the mobile processing as the core, uses the barcode and so on automatic identification technology, the marking and the identification including the medicine, the biochemistry specimen, the medical equipment, the medical worker as well as the patient identity and so on information, through the Intelligent Mobile terminal in the core business process carries on And with the hospital Management Information System (his) and Clinical Management Information System (CIS) to carry out a communication, build mobile medical platform.

(5) O2O operation field
With the rapid popularization of mobile terminals and mobile networks such as smartphones, consumers ' information acquisition and consumption habits have changed greatly. In the age of mobile internet, consumers and businesses need more direct access to the app or Web content, and the bar code, especially the two-dimensional code with its simple and reliable, easy to spread and the advantages of large information capacity, and gradually become the O2O operation mode under the link, the line of the entrance. And the two-dimensional code and O2O operation mode of the interwoven, will make China into a multi-touch sales environment, consumer physical examination more dynamic, offline products, services and user information can be online anytime and anywhere, and relying on mobile phone payment and other channels from mobile marketing, consumer infiltration, data collection, product services, payment settlement, Follow-up service as one of the benign business cycle.

In the real economy enterprises and Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other internet leading the common support and promotion, bar code technology has penetrated into the daily life of the people, and led the O2O market booming, according to the statistics and forecasts, the 2013 China O2O Market size has reached 1,717.2 billion yuan , the user scale reaches 190 million people, the forecast 2017 our country O2O market scale will increase to 4,545.1 billion yuan, the user scale reaches 400 million people.