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Barcode Scanning Module Definition And Use Of The Scene? Jan 24, 2018

Speaking barcode scanner believe many readers are very familiar with friends, but talk about barcode scanning module this device, many readers will appear in the heart of a big question mark, and that in the end what is it? Where is he generally used? Then let the scanning network Xiaobian bring you readers friends to understand this volume is small, the function is very powerful code scanning equipment ~

Light literally understand that many readers friends should also guess that it also has the function of scanning the bar, right? Yes, in fact, bar code scanning module and bar code scanning gun, have the function of scanning the bar code. But barcode scanning gun working environment is more biased and the type of surface, such as the major supermarket cashier courier work and delivery courier and so on. The application of bar code scanning module is more invisible, are generally built in a certain machine inside, the most common in our life there are cinema buy automatic ticket machines, subway stations inside vending machines, cell Or school courier self-service deposit machine and so on.

Bar code scanning module is also called bar code scanning module, bar code scanning engine, is widely used in the field of automatic identification of the core identification components, and has an independent bar code scanning and decoding. Bar code scanning module with the same as the scanner can be divided into "one-dimensional code module" and "two-dimensional code module" two categories. The bar code scanning module technology is originated in foreign countries, so some foreign brands will be relatively mature and relatively good quality, such as the Zebra (Symbol), Honeywell (Honeywell) and so on.