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Barcode Scanning Gun Application Jan 24, 2018

Barcode scanning gun as optical, mechanical, electronic, software applications and other technologies tightly integrated High-tech products, is the keyboard and mouse after the third generation of major computer input equipment. It is used to read the information contained in the bar code reading equipment, the use of optical principles, the content of the bar code to decode the data line or wireless transmission to the computer or other devices.
Widely used in supermarkets, logistics express, library and other scanned goods, documents, barcode, Commercial POS cash register system, express warehousing logistics, book clothing medicine, bank insurance communications and other areas of demand, as long as there are bar code will be used to get the scanner gun.

There are many kinds of barcode scanning guns, common:
Handheld scan gun: The shape is similar to the supermarket cashier in the hand to use the barcode scan gun. The majority of the holding scanners using CIS technology, optical resolution of 200dpi, there are black and white, grayscale, color a variety of types, of which the color type is generally 18-bit color. Also have individual high-grade products using CCD as a photosensitive device, can realize bit true color, scanning effect is better.
Small drum type scanning gun: is hand-held scanning gun and platform-type scanning gun intermediate products, the majority of this product using CIS technology, optical resolution of 300dpi, there are two color and gray, color models generally 24-bit color. The small roller design is the lens of the scan gun fixed, and move to scan the object through the lens to scan, operating like a printer, to scan the object must be sent through the machine, so the scanned object can not be too thick. The biggest advantage of this kind of scanner is that it has a small size, but it can only scan a thin sheet of paper and not exceed the size of the scan gun because of its limitations.
Platform-type scan gun: Also known as flat-screen scanners, desktop scanners, the market most of the scanning guns are plate-type scanners, such as scanning gun optical resolution between 300dpi-8000dpi, the number of colors from 24 to 48, scanning format generally for A4 or A3. The advantage of flat-panel is that, like using a copier, the top cover of a scanning gun can be scanned, whether it be books, newspapers, magazines, or photographic negatives, and the scans are the best in all common types of scanners.

A one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode scanning gun is included in the wired scan gun and the wireless scan gun:
One-dimensional code scanning gun is mainly divided into red CCD scanning (scanning process is red strip) and laser scanning (red light scanning), one-dimensional scanning gun can only accommodate a limited number or text, can only scan one-dimensional barcode.
Two-dimensional code scanning gun mainly uses the image decoding method (general scanning head can see like the lens of the camera), two-dimensional scanning gun can accommodate Chinese, storage large, can contain more detailed product content, can scan one-dimensional barcode, and can scan two-dimensional barcode.