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Reasons for different definitions of barcodes Jan 24, 2018

Barcode technology is now more and more mature, but also more widely used in all walks of life. Barcodes are also one of the most common signs of life, and there are different definitions of barcode labels that appear to be the same.

Data type, data capacity, and symbol size: The most basic influence factor in the evolution of barcodes. Barcode encoding Two data types: digital and alphanumeric. The application of serial number is very suitable for upc/ean and so on, staggered 25 alphanumeric symbols can analyze the numeric symbols of a subset of data that represents a specific property of a tagged item: serial number, lot or batch, expiration date, and so on.

For database queries like UPC Indeed, numbers only apply just fine if you have enough data capacity to meet the huge and growing population of the product in the global business environment, which gives us the second factor.

Data capacity and symbol size are related, more data, greater the more dense the symbol. The larger the capacity is necessary for linear barcode has evolved into symbols with greater coding efficiency. Code 128, for example, can encode the same space pair characters required for encoding in a single CHARACTERQR code-ver-40. The symbol size can also be reduced by reducing the size of the X dimension (narrow bar or space) and by reducing the width/narrow ratio of the binary symbol system, but there is also a trade-off between printing an imprecise barcode tolerance.

The latest step in the evolution process is 2D or matrix notation, which has sufficient alphanumeric coding capabilities, greater data capacity than one-dimensional barcode and easier to manage the footprint of the party. Two-dimensional barcode is also more tolerant of inaccurate printing and provides user-defined error-correcting capabilities. Linear barcodes can only provide error detection.