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Introduce of QR barcode scanner Apr 10, 2018

QR barcode scanner is normal in the market. Compared with 1d barcode scanner, qr barcode scanner not only can scan all the 1d bar code, but also can scan the creen code.Specially, with the opening of non cash transactions, such as alipay, wechat and so on, qr code scanner have to play a important role. 


Asianwell combine the demand of the market, lanched commercial 2d barcode scanner and industrial 2d barcode scanner.


Commercial qr code scanner mainly include supermarket 2d barcode scanner, it can be divided into handheld and handfree barcode scanner, desktop and omni barcode scanner.


Industrial barcode scanner mainly include IP 54 level scan fuzzy barcode scanner.The specification and performance is better than market barcode scanner.