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Classification of pos printers Apr 11, 2018

There are many kinds of pos printers, such as 58mm receipt printer, 80mm thermal printer, 76mm dot Matrix printer, portable bluetooth pos printer, wifi thermal printer , air printer ,label printer and so on. 



Receipt printer can divide into 58mm and 80mm, it is depend on the width of printer,the biggest advantage for receipt printer is low cost consumption. So it is widely be used in many supermarket and stores.


The dot Matrix printer can be used for printing of various specific invoices, like tax invioce, express form and so on.


bluetooth receipt printer and wifi thermal printer is different in printing method, one is depend on bluetooth, another is depend on wifi. Nowaday, the cloudy printer is also the different printing ways.

AW-5805 蓝牙便携 (1).JPG

For the label printer is usually used in printe labels.


Asianwell have all kinds of pos printers and offer a good price with a high quality, welcome to join us.



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